How To Change Your Report To Text Only

Posted by Tony Tillett on Aug 15, 2017 11:15:50 AM

When viewing the report it is possible to change it from the standard view with colour into a text only format. This is useful as it helps to save paper and ink when printing long or multiple reports.

To change the report to text only simply right click on the report around the border within the hatched marking and select “edit object”
Once you have selected the “edit object” tab the report settings window will open. To change the report to text only you need to select the “Use text mode dimension reporting” box which will turn off the colours

This will then give you a final result of a report with just text, as shown.

change report to text only.png

Change the report to text only

report setting window.png

"Report Settings" window

the final report.png

The final report

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